From Le Vieil Aiglun you can reach several ski resorts. You will find a list of the main ski resorts below :

Le Grand Puy (45 minutes driving):

Altitude: between 1300 & 1800 m.  5 cableways.  22 km of slopes.  Small resort, very suitable for families with children.  Easy access.

Chabanon (1h15 driving):
Altitude: between 1550 & 2050 m.  11 cableways.  35 km of slopes.  Small sportive resort.  Good snow conditions (northern exposure).  Night skiing available.

Montclar les 2 Vallées (1h00 driving):
Altitude: between 1350 & 2500 m.  15 cableways.  45 km of slopes.   Medium size & sunny resort (southern exposure).  Impressive panoramic views from the higher slopes.

la Foux d'Allos & Pra Loup (1h40 driving):
Altitude: between 1500 & 2600 m.  50 cableways.  180 km of slopes.  Large ski area joining two resorts located in neighbouring valleys (Pra Loup in the Ubaye-valley and La Foux d’Allos in the Verdon-valley).

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