Natural Spots

Many natural spots, some amongst the most beautiful in Europe, are within 1 hour driving from le Vieil Aiglun.

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The Plateau of Valensole - 31 km

 At only 30 minutes driving from le Vieil Aiglun, you will be surprised by the flat area covering hundreds of square kilometres at an average altitude of 700 m.  The plateau is planted with lavenders which are blosoming between mid-June and mid-July.   Mountains lie on the background.   This is the best place for THE typical picture of the Provence!

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The "Clues de Barles" - 32 km

When driving out of Digne-les-Bains in the direction of Barles, you will discover the wide valley of the Bès River with great landscapes.  When arriving in the "Clues de Barles", the valley does not exceed a width of 10 m.Very impressive.  3 km before the clue, you will find the start of a beautiful hike leading to the Old village of Esclangon (old ruined villagewhere there is a "refuge of art" created by AndyGoldsworthy.

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The Verdon Canyon - 56 km

At the southern edge of the Alpes de Haute-Provence, at 1h05 driving from le Vieil Aiglun, you will find the Verdon Canyon which is one of the most beautiful natural spot in Europe.

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The Lake of Sainte-Croix - 52 km

It has the same size as the Lake of Annecy, but this lake is artificial!  The dam has been built in 1975.  The lake reflects an intense blue colour, even with cloudy weather.  It can be reached after 1h00 driving from le Vieil Aiglun.  It is possible to rent pedalos and canoes to explore the edges of the lake and the entry of the Verdon Canyon.

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