Land Art

"Refuge d’Art" (Land Art) is a ten-day walking itinerary designed by the Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy near Digne-les-Bains, in the Réserve Géologique of Haute Provence. The artist has installed three Sentinelles in cut stone at intervals along 150 km of ancient pathways that wind their way through the mountains, past vestiges of once-flourishing agricultural activity. The project has also involved the renovation of old edifices that had fallen into ruins, including farm buildings and a chapel, in which visitors can stay overnight. Each Refuge d’Art is home to a specific, enduring work. Since 1999, and with the support of the Musée Gassendi and the Réserve Géologique, seven Refuges have been created, and there are others to follow. They bring together, in a distinctive way, contemporary art and the protection of the rural heritage.

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