Touring around the Region

The Road of the Lavenders

Itineraries to discover the lavender fields (which are blosoming between mid-June and mid-July) are described on following website: Routes de la Lavande.

Napoléon Road

On 1st March 1815, Napoléon gets on land in Golfe Juan (near Cannes) after having left the Island of Elba where he stayed in exile.  He had to reach Paris to get back on his throne, but to avoid his enemies, he chose to transit through remote paths.  This is why he passed in Aiglun on his way to Paris.   Nowadays, this itinerary is considered as historic heritage and the National Road No.85 is also called the  Route Napoléon.  This road passes through remote areas and offers great views between Cannes and Grenoble.

The Road of Time

This scenic road links Sisteron with the small village of Beynes.   Explanory signs and hiking paths can be found along this itinerary, they are published in books available from the Geopark.   The Road of time passes through Aiglun but the Pass of Fontbelle (between Sisteron and Thoard) is closed during the Winter months.

The Départemental Road No. 17

This typical road links Vilhosc (near Sisteron) with Rougon (close to the Verdon Canyon).  Take care: the works on this road have never been completely finished between Vilhosc and Thoard and the D-17 is still an unpaved track behind Majastres (a town with only 10 inhabitants, including the mayor and his council...).  A 4-wheeldrive is imperative to drive from Majastres to la Palud-sur-Verdon.

image d'article Loupe

The D-17 partially unpaved road between Majastres & la Palud

image d'article Loupe

Along the Lavender Road

image d'article Loupe

The Hysope Pass, along the "Road of time"

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